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Follow the life of a North London seducer of the unlikeliest kind. Here you’ll find every episode of The Yad Show, please leave your comments under each video – we’ve love to get your feedback, and Yad will be coming back to answer questions anyone might have. Enjoy!

  • E1 - From London With Love

    E1 - From London With Love

    Yad spills some hard-earned Daygame wisdom, gives an impromptu lesson to a fan, proves that looking like Brad Pitt doesn't work, and chats up loads of hot Scandinavian girls (including one who won't let him go!) in anticipation of his journey to Stockholm in the next episode.

    Video Duration: 17 mins
  • E2 - Swedish Sensation

    E2 - Swedish Sensation

    Sweden, the land with one of the most wide-spread reputation for beautiful blondes all across the world. Yad has three beauties fighting over who gets to give Yad their contact details, he gets the usual phone chock full of phone numbers, and even gets proposed to.

    Video Duration: 18 mins
  • E3 - Amsterdam Antics

    E3 - Amsterdam Antics

    Yad does nothing to dispel the myth that Dutch girls are all blonde and ride about on bicycles. A festive Yad tackles snow and targets on two wheels, gets two girls to open up to him instantly, and charms a lovely local into a cosy instant date.

    Video Duration: 19 mins
  • E4 - Barcelona Baby

    E4 - Barcelona Baby

    In Barcelona Yad encounters fiercely independent Catalonians, devilishly naughty Finnish girls, a hot biker chick, and goes on a date with a shy but sweet Russian girl. At the end we hear from a reflective Yad on his drive to approach girls and how it’s all about making real connections.

    Video Duration: 22 mins